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While fashion is a more global, cosmopolitan industry than ever, some areas still hold colossal sway over the broader landscape.

These mega fashion capitals have a major influence on international fashion trends. They’re home to the most influential designers, the most important fashion weeks, and the biggest fashion magazines, not to mention endless trade shows, exhibitions, and award shows.

With that in mind, was launched to showcase the most important and influential cities in fashion today, and provide both businesses and consumers with the opportunity to discover, compare and buy the most compelling trends from each city.

Trends Agency

Issued online once a quarter, our subscription services deliver in-depth analysis of present and future trends in select fashion capitals. Subscribe today and get the validation and confidence to confirm your decisions for the current and coming seasons.


Trends Shop

The online shopping destination for the confident global fashion customer. Delivering quality products, from clothing to footwear and accessories, inspired by the latest trends in fashion hotspots, at an affordable price to customers all over the world.


Trends Directory

Easily accessible information on clothing manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, and much more. We are the go-to digital resource for Fashionistas who need to drive outreach, or seek to identify influencers, in one of the “Big Four” fashion capitals.